Did you learn the right things from Steve Jobs?

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Steve Jobs was an incredible man!

The one thing that a lot of people get wrong, is that they act like terrible people to motivate people like Steve did.

There is a key piece missing here.

Steve Jobs was a genius and highly successful CEO despite his personal shortcomings. He was not successful because of his bad behaviour or poor personal hygiene trait.

Too many people take the wrong message or learnings from this man.

Leaders are not horrible and aggressive people. It’s actually quite the opposite.

Ruthless leaders are dinosaurs.

The days of screaming and being machiavellian are gone. Dictatorial and autocratic leaders are no more and in the era of respect, tolerance and understanding have no place.

Does this mean you can’t have an outburst? No.

This means that you need to do so in your own space and not target it at your team.

By being understanding you are showing compassion and humanity and this is what all truly great leaders needs to do to continue to hold the respect and admiration of their teams.

Be successful like Steve but don’t be like Steve.


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