So I now have nothing to do!

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I had a few messages about yesterday’s post and some where a bit disturbing.

“Hey Brett – I looked at my list and realised that nothing on there is going to return more than the effort put in! What do I do now?”

My answer was to step back and look at the last few months (or weeks) and see if it was the same. If it was then unfortunately she is in the wrong business or job.

You see a lot of people are busy to look busy and be able to say they are busy. But being busy for the sake of it is the biggest waste of time.

Not only are you not making any money, you not achieving anything either.

So stop wasting your precious time. Get another job, close the business down or sell it – but make the change.

What is even worse is that so many people do this for so many years and then look back on a life wasted!

The hardest part of this exercise is that so many of us can’t actually see it. They can’t see the lack of productivity or waste of time on non-returns.

Book a time with me and let me help you unpack what you are doing, what you should be doing and how to ensure you are doing it correctly.


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