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I was asked the other day if I get nervous or rather why I don’t get nervous when I speak publicly when I do my show.

The truth is I probably do but I have been doing it for awhile now so it’s maybe not that fear-gripping experience that a lot of people list when having to do a public speech.

The truth of the matter is that everyone gets nervous when they have to speak publicly and you’d be surprised how many famous people actually get sick to their stomachs when they know they have to go out on stage and perform.

Why am I talking about this in a Deliaf?

It’s simple; if you take some of the tricks that we use with having to speak publicly you could see how they could actually apply when it comes to dealing with your team and your clients.

One of the tips or tricks I was taught early on was that instead of envisioning the spotlight being on you turn it around!

The thinking here is that instead of the blinding light being on you on stage turn it around. Other people have suggested picturing the audience naked. OK let’s get our minds back on to today’s topic.

Take this principle and think about your team and your customers.

It’s not about you!

If you go out every day with a focus on the well-being and the benefits to your team and customers alike, you will find that not only are they more receptive to listening to what you have to say but probably more willing to buy what you’re selling.

We all like to feel special but it’s very easy to feel that we’re important in our own little world.

If you can go out today and make someone feel special, truly feel special and if this is a customer you will see that the loyalty to you will increase because you’ve actually taken the time to make them feel like they’re important.

Turn the lights off yourself and shine it on the rest of the world and you’ll be amazed what you can actually see out there.


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