Consistency is the Key!

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Photo: Dingo Creative

This is why I write this blog and hopefully you read it every day.

Picture a wheel on an axel. If you push it, it turns. But then it will come to rest.

If you keep pushing and pushing it will spin faster and faster. This is what Deliaf is all about. Little pushes for you every day. You see most people give up after not seeing results in the short term. This is the biggest problem in life. It’s why only some succeed and most fail.

When I started writing this blog, the person that showed me how and what to do also told me that whatever my reason for doing this was, it was going to take a long time until I realised that goal or desire and it will be easier to quit or stop writing.

I don’t like to quit; so as long as even just one person reads this, I will continue to write.

Practice makes perfect, but consistency will lead to longevity.


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