Want to do more? Try doing Less!

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Photo: Punch Drunk Soul

Working too hard and not taking a break? Sound familiar ?

In order to stay on top of your game you have to give your mind and body a break.

I’m not suggesting go away for 3 weeks and do nothing (but if that’s what your body is telling you that you need then maybe you need to)!

I’m suggesting listening to the physiological cues your are receiving .

No one can run at three hundred percent 24/7/365. I often say that I hate taking breaks as it stresses me out to have to catch up again when I get back. The truth is a few days every now and then are actually hyper-critical. Not only for you to recover, but to reconnect with your family and friends. After all why are you working as hard as you are if not to provide for your family, so spend some time with them too.

The problem with modern day life is we feel that it is a sign of weakness if we take a break!

As Entrepreneurs we work even harder than most employees as we may still have a job and are doing a side-gig, running multiple ventures or are in a start-up and putting everything in to getting it going.

It’s hard to push the pause button but it is so important and I want to ask a question: Would you rather take a quick break and de-stress and unwind or would you prefer to land up in a hospital due to exhaustion and burnout?

A quick getaway is not a sign of weakness and even if you don’t go anywhere but sit and binge-watch on a Netflix series, it will do wonders for your productivity when you start up again.


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