Who cares what they think!

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Ask yourself the following question: Will they be at your Funeral?

If not – then you shouldn’t give a crap what they think.

You see we all go around trying to get the blessing and acknowledgment of people and customers that in the end probably don’t care about you and most definitely won’t be at your funeral.

This seems morbid – but it’s a great measure.

The people that are important in your life will make an effort to be there for you at the end.

These are the people that care about you and in return who you should care about what they think.

Getting revved up over losing a deal or a customer telling you that your work is shoddy, it hurts, yes but in a few months or years will you (or they) even remember?

Probably not – so don’t worry about their opinions or thoughts now.

Adopt this outlook and then see how easy it is to make a call and even easier to handle the rejections (when they come and they will).


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