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I feel like the last two days have been a bit negative or perhaps constructive with a negative theme.

But – its just the candid truth and feelings that I share.

Out of all the things I have shared this week – the one that I feel could or should be expanded on is the social media aspect that I mentioned yesterday.

Too many of us (yes me too) post personal stuff on Social – I have heard (and probably said) – “It’s my page – I can post what I want….”

No, its not and you can’t – The page belongs to Facebook or Linkedin not you.

This means that anyone can read it or see it (otherwise why would you post it), so:

Does the post add value to your customers or potential customers?

Is there any value in the post for them and their business? Will they learn or feel that I am the right person to teach/provide a service to them?

See where I am going with this?

Social is not a place for airing dirty laundry – it’s a place for us to grow and engage with customers.

“What you don’t post can not hurt you! “

Ask yourself the following question: How will what I post affect my team, my clients (current and potential) or community?

I am not saying don’t post on social media – just brain check yourself first – I have always said to my team – phone and chat as there is no record of it but when it’s in writing, it is there forever.

A tip: When I am scathing at a client, supplier or even the Universe – I write the email or post, I edit it and then;

I delete it!

I get the cathartic effect of letting them have it – but no permanent damage in actually sending or posting.

Please remember the last part of the process, delete it, there have been a few instances when people have pushed send by mistake!


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