Sprautumn cleaning part 3 of 5

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I wish I could say Covid-19 was a nasty April fool’s joke but its not! So let’s be sensibile on our practical jokes today and think before we do!

Back to the positive stuff!

So now that we have looked at what we want to do and who we want to do it with – we need to make sure we are on the same page; right!

It’s time to train!

Its time to read more and learn more.

Things have changed. Have you?

Are you up to date on your own skills or the needs of your clients?

Now this is where I bring in more about what I do and have been doing – through gamification not only can we have fun but we can learn!

With the current situation we find ourselves in either in self-isolation or mandated lockdown, this is the best time to train yourself, your teams and even your suppliers or customers!

I have just finished a project for a QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) where all 40 000 of their staff across all levels of the company will be trained, via fun and interactives games, on their mobiles.

While we stay locked in or locked down – this is the perfect time. If you interested in more – let me know I would love to build a fun training game for you (if you are a brand just looking at building a game – lets chat too!)

Be safe, be careful and learn.


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