How to gain an edge part 4 of 5

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Learn to Hyper-focus!

This is the absolute opposite to spreading your time and trying to multi-task.

It’s amazing how easy it is for us to lose focus:

Did you know the biggest killer of productivity is the loss of focus?

Highly successful people are hyper-focused – they do not get distracted and they don’t multitask!

I am so guilty of this and so did some research as to why I am working hard but not necessarily kicking the (financial) goals I have set for myself.

It’s simple – I was not Hyper-focussed.

Yip – I admit it – I was not doing what I have been preaching.

I have tested this – I turned off all distractions and music and phone etc for an hour – it was incredible how much I achieved!

This will be the hardest lesson to learn; but if you can master this – your increase in productivity and output will be 10x what you are currently doing.

The good news is that anyone can do it but it is super hard and you have to be super-disciplined but this will bring in the gains if you want it.


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