Need a wake up call?

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We spend so much time trying to impress those around us.

Wearing the “right” clothes, carrying the right accessories, have the latest phone and must have watch.

Here is a reality check:

All clothes perform the same function, a bag that costs $1k because of $5 badge doesn’t carry more or less than another same sized bag, the iPhone from last year will do pretty much the same things as this years model (in fact for most people the iPhone from 5 years ago will do the same) and any watch whether it costs $10 or $10k will tell the same time.

So why do we do it?

Because its cool! Because we think it will make others see us in a different light.

Well, I’m sorry to say, it actually doesnt.

Want to know why?

It’s because they are also trying to do the same thing! They are also trying to be noticed. They are also hoping they have the right things and wearing the right clothing.

Hell, they are petrified that they may be seen wearing last year’s shoes instead if this years release.

Stop it!

Try be comfortable in your own skin, try wearing comfortable and functional clothes.

Here is the kicker!

If you took all that time you wasted trying to look good for everyone else and put it into your business = you would make more money and then could actually buy all these materialistic things without the debt that comes with owning them if you still wanted too.

Be you – after all you are actually the best damnn version of yourself.


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