Do You Actually See What’s Going On?

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Quote: Quotefancy/Dr. Seuss

A lot of people say you should focus on what you are doing, or don’t get distracted by multiple opportunities (which is definitely one of my shortcomings) and so on and so on. This is good advice.

There is however a difference between being focused and being tuned out!

Have you ever sat down with yourself and asked “Why am I doing this?”

That wasn’t rhetorical!

Seriously, ask yourself WHY?

I’m not a clairvoyant but I am confident that at least one of the following if not all of them will be on the list:

To earn money and have a good life

To provide for my family

To make sure I am well looked after when it is time to retire (financial security).

Lets chose the last parts of each of these statements: Good life, Family and Retire

It’s not a good life if it is all just work, if you have a family are you spending time with them and it’s a bit late to “enjoy life” when you retiring!

Being committed and focused is great. Striving towards a goal or outcome is fine but you need to look around and see who needs you and your attention as this is equally important and in some cases even more important than work.

Do you Work to Live or Live to Work?


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