Do you know how to have a persuasive conversation?

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I have a couple of “C words” here that you should learn and use.

Convincing and Control.

The most important – if you are not confident going into your pitch or presentation you will not persuade anyone. It is that simple. People listen and follow someone they believe knows what they are talking about and knows what they are doing!

This leads us to the second word; Convincing.

Conversations are usually dialogues, right?

Well – when you trying to close the deal it needs to be more of a monologue. Be cautious here – there is a difference between a well prepared and confident presentation and a narcissistic verbal vomiting.

I am not suggesting you talk and not listen or allow engagement – I am saying that you need to convince the audience that you are the right person for the job or project and that through the confidence you are showing and preparedness you then convince them that what you are saying is the gospel truth!

The Control comes into how you execute the first two. If you are going off topic or lacking in the confidence of what you are proposing it will be really hard to control the situation and desired outcome.

If you execute the first two “C’s” this should be the easiest. However, this is the hardest part of the persuasion if you have failed on the first two.

The closing (another c word) is convincing them to respond to the desired outcome. This is how control is visibly measured.

Be someone that people want to listen too, want to follow and most important of all, believe in.


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