Understanding emotional value

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Image: American counseling association

Yesterday I spoke about the importance of understanding emotional power when it comes to your team.

More importantly when it comes to the fact that people do fail and will fail and how we need to deal with this.

Today is just a statement that I’d like you to think about over the weekend.

“Rather have someone missing in your team then have the missing link in your team“.

There is no room for aggressive and dictator or totalitarianism style management anymore.

People respond to emotional cues, we all do.

No one likes to hear they did wrong.

No one likes to feel like they failed.

No one will perform if your wrath is continually expressed upon them.

So rather have someone missing in your team than have someone that will be destructive in your team.

The same can apply to you as an individual when dealing with your customers.

Customers want to feel special. Customers want to believe that they’re the only one that you have.

Therefore play to the emotional level of the sale.

Always remember that every transaction is between humans and not machines.

Therefore humanity and emotions first.

Sales are 99% emotionally driven, play the harp strings!


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