What do you want?

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We all have wants.

Have you realised that in trying to achieve these wants we find ourselves not getting there and then wanting it even more …


Try the opposite – if you want something give that something to someone else.

If you looking to meet people – introduce other people to each other.

Want more time for yourself – arrange for others to get more time.

Want to feel more appreciated? Yip – show some appreciation.

This is not “positive reinforcement or an excerpt from “the Secret“. This is just how it works – you see in helping others or giving to others you are giving to yourself. You may not realise it – but try it.

This week has been a hard one with some heavy hitting and quitting – so this weekend – think about what you actually want (not desire) or need and then think about who you can give that too or do for.

Trust me, the dividends will come.


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