Predicting your success

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The predictor of success is easy

It is a rinse and repeat process.

The problem for us is that we tend to get distracted.

We tend to stop just short of striking oil or getting a “new direction”.

The secret is simple – find someone that you resonate with as an advisor or mentor, I am happy to be that person if you feel that I could help you, and go through the motions again and again.

Think about your favourite movie of all time.

How many times have you watched it?

It is the same movie, same punchlines and same out come every time yet you still watch it again and again.

The answer is simple. You are always looking for something different or to uncover more in the show. Equally, you are a different person at the time of watching the show – so your mood or mindset maybe even maturity has changed. This will get you the same result, ie the satisfaction of watching your favourite show, but maybe uncover something you didn’t know or see previously.

Be different by being the same.


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