Don’t Fail on the Trail!

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The biggest challenge is that the journey to success can often be mundane, long, hard and even boring.

Think about a long car ride with your parents when you were a kid. All you wanted to do was just get there.

“Are we there yet Dad?”

There will be some exciting moments along the way but these are generally few and far between. The secret is to (a) not give up and stay on the trail and (b) find ways to make the journey more fun.

Maybe introduce games for some of the tasks. Go out and do stuff you wouldn’t normally do.

Mini rewards to yourself, from yourself.

But whatever you do. Don’t lose focus and remember that the long journey does eventually end.

Think back to when you finally arrived at your holiday destination as a kid. By the next day you had already forgotten about the long schlep to get there.

Stay the course.


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