Do you have the resources to throw at the solution?

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So yesterday I spoke about overkill in a sense. Using everything you have on a single challenge.

We tend to always try and find the most complex way to solve (most of the time) simple problems.

It may be an ego thing. It may be a lack of understanding thing. But whatever it is, it is unnecessary.

What I should have mentioned yesterday is that having the right people will more often than not make sure you don’t have problems to solve or be bothered with.

The right human resource is still the most valuable thing you can have in your business.

It is still the most reliable and efficient part of your business. So, to reduce potential problems presenting themselves and taking your attention away from the other important things in the world.

Hire the right people from the start.

Make sure you are surrounded by the correct people and you will spend less time solving problems as they probably won’t present if the right people are present.

This applies to your personal life too. Surround yourself with the right people (not the best) and you will have less problems to deal with.


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