Want to get the winning effect?

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Winning leads to winning.

You see when you win, you get the confidence to go out and win again (and again).

The secret to continually winning is to keep at it straight after the previous victory.

Too many people work on a big project or deal and then “take time off” afterwards.

This is wrong. Start the next one straight away as you are now amped and have tasted victory.

Celebrate the win – I just said go out and win again but before you do celebrate the win. Make a thing of it and let all the other people in the company know about it and even if possible partcipate in it.

When bringing new people onto your team – it is important to include them in the winner’s circles so they can see they are joining a winning team.

The winning effect is powerful – if harnessed and used correctly you will continue to win time after time.


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