Want a productive start to the week?

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Don’t spend time or effort on anything that will not return more than the effort required to do it!

It really is that simple.

How many things are you doing that require a lot of effort but don’t nearly return the dollars equal to the effort?

If you look at your to do list that you did last night (you did do one right?) have a look at the the things that are effort or resource intensive and then ask yourself:

“Will I get back more than I put in?”

If the answer is no delete or delegate it.

Now I hear you saying but Brett, we have to do this in order to set things up to get that…


That is what you tell yourself.

If you can stick to this one simple tip you will be more productive, more successful and have more returns than what you invested.

If you look at your list and find that you have crossed everything out then I am afraid to say you are in the wrong business or doing the wrong thing and we probably need to spend more time together!


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