Need a Monday kickstart?

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I know a lot of people that are members of the 4am club.

As its name suggests, these are people that get up at 4am and start their day early to get a jumpstart on their competitors.

The theory is good – but for someone that doesn’t think about going to bed before 1am it is something I really don’t see myself being able to do.

However, let’s look at the benefits of this thinking.

So if a work-day starts at 8 – this is basically a 4 hour jump start on everyone else.

It ticks the box for productive output but this also means that an adjustment in your family and night time activities.

So what about a compromise – once a week or once every two weeks even.

Monday would make sense for multiple reasons.

First off – you can get some good sleep over the weekend to ensure that even if you don’t go to bed fairly early on Sunday you should still be able to get up.

This has another benefit – if you start early and finish early you can get to sleep early and then up again earlier (maybe not 4 but earlier and refreshed).

If you plan this jumpstart properly – these could be the most valuable hours in your week or month.

Make sure you have coffee, strong coffee, on the ready!

I am prepared to give this a try, are you?


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