Do you have friends with no benefits?

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Do you have people in your life that don’t share your passion?

People that don’t believe in you ?

People that don’t think you can achieve your goals?

Maybe there are people that think you work to hard and ask you when you going to start binge watching Netflix instead?

What you need to realise is that these are not friends, they are actually stumbling blocks.

In order to fly high you need to hang out with other people that share the same values, dreams and commitment.

So if there is no benefit why are you there?

It’s a wake up call for the week – use it and cut the excess fat.

Some people are just toxic. This may not be easy and they may be people you have known for a really long time, this however is just part of the difficult choices you have to make when being an Entrpreneur.

There are other people you may need to have a limited or reduced time with too. Not a total cut-off – but only a limited time with these people.

The positive of this exercise is to find new or external people. Decide what it is you are looking to achieve or learn and then make friends by joining groups or attending events/facilities that these people are at.

It’s a simple test: Do they add or drain from me?


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