Want an affordable gift?

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With only 15 days to Christmas here is an idea for the perfect and very affordable gift!


The best part of this is you don’t have to go out to a store or shop online and wait for delivery; you already have it!

As a species, its our actions or lack of that cause the most joy or harm to others.

Kindness and consideration is not only free, but probably the best gift that one can pass onto another.

We are a very judgemental bunch, we start outwards and then (rarely) try look at the inner person.

An example; when you see a homeless person sleeping on the bench have you ever thought “Why are they there”?

Do you just assume they are lazy and not interested in working? Maybe you haven’t even considered them at all?

If the pandemic has shown us anything, it has shown us that it is easy to fall on tough times.

Look how many people lost their jobs and had to get hand-outs from the government.

How long where the queues at the local Centrelink (Australian Social Services)?

These are people that a week or month before had a job, earned good money, paid their taxes and obeyed the law.

How many of them have recovered? Even worse, how many of them couldn’t cope and took drastic measures maybe even contemplated or worse yet took their own lives?

Sorry – Friday posts are usually happy and designed to give you something to think about over the weekend. This message is though – I needed to lay the heaviness first to make sure the message hits home.

Kindness is free and easy to give.

Lets finish this with a positive takeaway. It is easy to be kind, it feels good to be kind so when you next get the opportunity, tell your staff how great they are, when you in a line at the checkout, tell the person behind the till how you appreciate them or how nice their hair looks etc.

You will never really know the impact of these gestures, but I promise you that that person will have a much better day than they were having and even more so, their positive energy will rebound off others too.

Be kind to humankind

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