Want to feel younger?

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Then act it!

If you think, act and behave younger – the chances are that you will not only feel younger but your body will believe it and function as if it was younger.

The secret here is to truly believe and behave as such.

I am not suggesting that if you are 85 years old and never been a runner before to go outside and run an ultra-marathon.

You can – but it possibly will do more damage than good.

I am saying that you can go to gym, you can dress and care for yourself as if you are going out to your Prom and you can laugh and enjoy and sometimes even be carefree like a teenager.

These are not ony potentially possible but will make you feel like you are young again and whenyou feel younger, you will feel better.

Look at the world through younger eyes. If you believe you are young again and you see through younger lenses you will feel younger, I promise.

The last part of this post and probably the most important – is if you truly believe you are younger than your chronological age you will feel better and probably have some of those aches and pains reduce as the mind is incredibly strong.

So this weekend, go and be your younger self, have fun, do stuff and think carefree.


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