How do you get it all done?

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Yesterday I wrote about being lazy or sedentary.

So how do you get it all done?

There is no perfect system but here are a couple of good suggestions.

The most important one is the morning routine.

Start out winning!

The problem with most of us is that we wake up in the morning and start bad!

Instead of a strict morning routine (which I have helpeed many people develop based on their personal circumstances and happy to help you).

You reach for the phone and start reading Facebook, emails and flicking through Tiktok… right?

This is a brain and time killer.

You need to win in the morning.

An example – if you had a plan and this included 30 mins of reading but you chose to have a glance at your phone and there is an email with a “crisis” what do you do?

Carry on reading or respond and kick into reaction mode?

I know the answer – the problem is it is the wrong one.

By ignoring the emails and doing the 30 mins reading you would have won the morning.

This is not easy – but nothing is.

The discipline required to do and protect the morning routine is the same discipline you will then be use in all aspects of your business and life – try it and see.


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