Do you fall prey to the illusions?

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I was watching a movie last night and then when I read the last two posts I wrote I realised there is still something missing from this knowledge share.

Illusions or smoke and mirrors.

How many of you compare your lives to those of others?

How many of you measure your success against that of others?

How many of you get inspired by movies and then sit down thinking you could replicate that or worse, should be living like that?

All of you do (I can’t see your responses but I know you do!)

Here’s the gut-punch.

You are only seeing half the picture!

Let’s take the first and second questions :-

Comparing your lives to others. Here is what I want you to think about for a second. If you went to a friend or colleagues house for supper and they had everything better than you did, did you come home feeling sad or lacking? Did you feel that you worked as hard as they did or even harder and yet you don’t have what they have?

Again – I can’t see your answers so I’m just going to go with “Yes”.

Can I make you feel better? Here is a quote I found online:

“There are around 1 billion people in the world who live on less than 1 dollar per day! More than half of the world population lives with less than 10 dollars a day. “

How bad is your life now?

When you need to do a comparison – compare downwards and aspire upwards – it will be a huge reality check. One other thing I might add – is the other half of the picture is the non-physical.

Health, love, relationships etc – I know people that are extremely wealthy and died due a disease and guess what – they would have traded all their wealth for my health!


The last question above should now have an obvious answer…

It’s a frikkin movie!

It’s not real, it has CGI and make up and sets and all other wonderful things and only lasts 2 hours!

Come on people – movies are there to escape not entrap.

I hear you saying but what about biographies – well then read the first two questions above. Also, read the beginning of all these biographical movies – 99% of the time there is a disclaimer saying “based on” or some characters introduced for dramatic effect” etc etc.

Read through this weeks posts again, sit down and take stock of what you have, not what you want, and realise how wealthy you really are.

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