Do you have the strength to win?

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Yesterday I spoke about choosing correctly or rather eliminating that which you shouldn’t do.

Today, I was thinking about tenacity.

Having the unwavering focus of a terrier chasing the tyres on a car.

When a terrier bites, it locks and that is it – only when it chooses to let go will it.

You need to be the same in business!

Don’t worry about being smart or having the best contacts. Can these help? Sure.

But having the unwavering strength to stay the path and continue when everyone else has given up or even worse tried to talk you off the path.

If you can knuckle down and manage whatever is thrown at you, you will have more chances of succeeding than relying of intelligence or business acumen alone.

If there was a storm blowing what would you rather have; A high IQ or a Titan grip?


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