Death of our businesses

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Did you use to sell harder?
Did you research more?
Did you look for new networks more than you do now?

If the answer is yes to any or all of the above – you are currently declining not growing.

In order to succeed we have to continue to grow, we have to continue to read, to attend expos etc.

Have you heard someone say or maybe said yourself: “I’m slowing down a bit” or “taking on less clients”

The bigger problem however is that it only takes one area in our lives where we slow down that everything else starts to slow down.

The world is constantly changing, we have to work harder (some say smarter – but honestly, it’s harder) than we ever did.

Post Covid-19 and in the recovery and rebuild phase we will see even more competition as businesses try to start their recoveries.

With more and more people losing their jobs there are more people going on their own and they are hungry and coming for your meal ticket!

Don’t let them get it!


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Image: KWSM

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