Family culture is bad

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Yesterday I spoke about the members of your team and that they will eventually leave you.

Today I want to address the culture of family in the workplace.

The question is how do you create a family culture at work?

The answer: You don’t!

Think about the dysfunctionalities of families – maybe even your own!

When they are family – you can’t kick them out. They will always have a place at the table.

Do you want this from your team?

Of course not!

You want people you can rely on.

You can’t take your Father to task for not delivering on a deadline.

Can you fire your sister for missing a sales target?

Think about the Mafia – thats a family business and what happens: everyone dies or goes to jail!

It does not work!

You will have more success not trying to build a family culture centric business.

Rather build a Team culture.

A Team is only as strong as its weakest member.

A Team works collectively to win

A Team has its stars and dependent players.

A member of a Team also knows that they are not guaranteed to step out on the field – they need to earn their place.

This also means that as a Team – when you win, you celebrate – you lose, you lick your wounds and take the necessary corrective action to try ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Build the A Team and go home and tell your Family about it.


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