Is there a silent killer in your life?

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Do you sit too much? Do you watch too many hours of Netflix?
Do you eat snacks while doing any of the above?

Chances are the answer to some or all 3 is yes?

Let’s add alcohol into the mix and we have a guaranteed killer in the room.

Yip – if you are guilty of this then you are literally killing yourself.

Do you feel tired? Maybe not motivated to do anything or just doing the bare minimum?

The answer is probably due to the initial questions as lathargy can be caused by being inactive for too long.

There is something else you probably don’t know. Even if you do work-out for an hour a day – it could still not undo the damage of sitting all day or watching TV all night!

Scary right?

So what do you do about it?

Well, I’m not a fitness or lifestyle coach, the only reason I have written about this today is that the chances are your professional (and personal) life are probably being directly affected if this is you.

So – change it! Like everything else I talk about, you need systems in place. If you do have to binge watch the latest series on Netflix, ok, but do it standing – or even better – do it at the gym on a treadmill or even while taking a walk – watch it on your phone or tablet with a headset.

I don’t get to read as much as I would like to and as this also means sitting still (for even longer) I choose not to.

This doesn’t mean I am not reading though.

I now listen to audio books while at gym. So while working out, I am consuming the content I want to as well.

Remember hard is easy; if you don’t allow yourself to be lazy.


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