We Create what We Expect!

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We create what we expect. Sounds simple. It is.

It is also the reason we fail. If we expect to fail …… we do.

It’s the same as the placebo effect of medicines. Our minds are incredibly powerful so if we program ourselves to succeed we have a better chance of doing so. The contra is also true.

If you wake up in the morning and tell yourself that today is going to be a good day then you have already programed yourself to succeed.

I have a colleague that has often commented on how I am always positive. I am human and have moments when things get me down, we all do. But during office hours, when I am out there trying to make shit happen, I have my Superman outfit on (those that know me have seen I actually wear Superman socks quite regularly) and tell myself and my mind that I am out there to win.

Clearly this works as people see that I am positive and that I emit positive vibes.

We all want to be around winners. So if you let the world know you are a winner, and truly believe that you are out there to win, well you going to win!


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