What did we learn from the Pandemic?

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Well for starters, how comfortable sweats are vs work clothes!

But that’s not what this post is about.

We learnt that our jobs and customers were valuable and that we need to ensure that we all get through it together and come out with minimum damage on the other side.

What we also realised as decision makers, is that costs needed to be cut and this unfortunately includes people and headcount!

So how do you decide on who goes and who stays?

It’s not easy – but the trick is to know who are or at least identify your top performers.

This is not someone who works for you because they get Monday massages or Friday Fried Chicken meals.

These are the people that don’t care about the professionally styled office and matching chairs and tables.

These are the people that love working for you and with the people in your company!

They are people who can help you and like being surrounded by the other talented people in the business.

When everyone is in the top percentile, so is the performance of the company and the energy too.

These are the people you keep.

What was further interestingly noted in some companies is that this energy and collaborative effect occurred no matter whether in the physical office or working virtually.

One of my clients sent a message out to his team saying he missed having lunch with his team so he is sending them all a voucher for Uber Eats and they will have a virtual lunch together.

This is the kind of person you want in your business!

This is the culture side of the business and one that is critical to have in place before a crisis as these are the people that will get you through it.

The opposite is true, having the wrong team in place and then scrambling to see who to keep or cut is a catastrophe when in reactive or defence mode.

So, don’t wait for the next crisis or pandemic.

Continually evaluate your team and like you do in gardening, keep pruning and planting new seeds.


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