Was yesterday too harsh?

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I was reading over yesterday’s post and thought; Was it a bit harsh?

Sorry, but no – it was real.

This is the problem with the PC world we live in.

We are being conditioned to over-think before be do.

If I say that will someone get upset?

Should I tell him/her (see even there I had to type both genders and guess what – I will still be upsetting our non-binaries……) sorry, not sorry!

Where yesterday’s post was about how we are following and not thinking, I want to hit home today that spending too much time worrying about what others think is equally as bad.

When Richard Branson chartered a flight in Puerto Rico he didn’t think if anyone would be upset by him doing this.

When Bill Gates stole “the” OS from Apple (He did case closed), did he consider the action or think about building his computer empire?

I’m not suggesting you become an asshole, I am trying to hit home that over-thinking or just following is worse!

I do however want to point out that some of the most successful people out there may not be the most popular. They can hide behind disorders such as Aspergers but the reality is they are successful, wealthy and must be doing something right!

So, no yesterday wasn’t harsh, it was real. I write what I believe and what I am prepared to stand behind.

Do what you believe and back yourself too!


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