Want to know how to go from good to great?

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Acquiring a skill requires constant and never ending work.

You can’t be amazing the first time you do something (there are a couple of flook examples – but these are usually 1 hit wonders or never to repeated again).

We all have a skill. Identify that skill and work on it.

You need to unpack it, work out which parts you are already good at and which need to be worked on.

The secret here though is not uni-focus – while working on the weaker parts you need to still use those that you are comfortable with.

An example; Golf.

I need to just start by saying no one will ever master this game but a few have become incredible at it.

From personal experience I can not hit the ball far or straight and definitely not far and straight in the same shot (its one or the other).

On the other hand my putting is excellent! Everyone always tells me the game is won on the green.

Drive for show putt for dough ….

The reality though is if I can’t make it to the green I don’t get a chance to putt!

So, I go to a driving range to work on the long game and then before every game I spend time putting on the practise green.

The driving range is the hard work, the putting green is ensuring I don’t lose the putting skill I already have.

Make sense?

Business is the same – sometimes though it requires an external eye to see what you can’t so book a time with me and let me help you get to an all-rounder status not just good at one thing.


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