What would you sacrifice?

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I often write about the trade-off. If we do this we can’t do that.

If we choose this we have to loose out on that.

We all make sacrifices – but there is nothing worse than sacrificing and then having it wasted.


What have you given up not for yourself but for the benefit of others?

As someone that is an immigrant – I know this feeling only too well and it is something I have to remind myself of daily when I am feeling that it seems harder or that I may not have what others my age or in my circles have – I have to remember that this was a choice I made, a sacrifice for others (and myself too).

It is hard, but, it will make life harder to not accept it though.

So this weekend I want you to sit down and think about what you have and more importantly – why you have it.

Who did or didn’t do so that you can do and have done?

What was given up in order for you to succeed.

This may not be something recent – I don’t know how old you are so it may be you that did the sacrificing – if that is the case – did the recipients benefit from this.

The idea is to see what you or they have not what you have lost or didn’t gain.


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