Can you be ruthless?

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Everything building up?

Feeling overwhelmed?

You need to prioritise, but this is actually really hard.

The question to ask yourself is: “If you can only do one thing today, what would it be?”

Now sit down and look at your to do list.

This is going to be hard right?

Can you say no?

What happens if there is a project that you know will make money and potentially good profit but will be taking away a lot of time and focus from what you need to do?

Are you strong enough to kill it?

So I ask again:”If you can only do one thing today – what would it be?”

Try it and see what happens.

I have warned you that this will be hard and could have a cost attached to it but if you can master this you will feel less stressed, more focussed and probably more productive.

We all suffer from this and it is even worse from a reactive point of view as we are chasing money rather than growing wealth.

Instead of sitting at the end of the day with this long, not ticked off to do list – select the one task and do it, then repeat the next day and the day after that.


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