Who cares?

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Image: Keep calma dn carry on

We all try and please those around us. Whether its family or friends or even our employer.

The problem is there will always be someone that we can never please. Someone that will just keep showing us that there is more to be done, or something else to focus on etc.

You know who I am talking about!

Like the song from the movie Frozen; Let it go!

Stop it!

You are never, ever, going to please that person. It is not they they don’t love or respect you (well more often than not it is not the case) it is just who they are and their genetic makeup.

So stop trying.

It is hard, but once you take the “I don’t actually care what you think anymore” decision it will not only feel like a weight being lifted off your shoulders, but further, you will be able to focus on doing what you want to do for you as opposed to what you may think they want you to do.


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