How to get the fire started again

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You can’t.

Our lives aren’t about the exciting times and more so about always being excited and stimulated.

The idea is to do the mundane well and relish the exciting high points.

So this doesn’t quite answer the question.

Let me expand.

The idea is to create excitement and keep the fire going.

A fire that is high and spitting flames is no good for anything!

We can’t cook on it, we can’t get close to it for warmth so therefore it’s no good.

Running your business in excitement mode will be very short-lived as everyone will burn out (terrible pun, sorry).

If you can keep the fire burning or smoldering and plan and work towards some flame-fuelled moments – that is what it is all about.

Those flashes are the spark that should be sort, not a blaze – then you need a fire engine.


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Image: Zedge

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