Look in the Mirror!

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If you are noticing people around you being negative or sad (any emotion) chances are it’s you!

You are reflecting the sentiment and emotion.

The work, events and people around you are a mirror of you. So if you noticing lots of negativity then chances are it’s you that needs to change as you are reflecting or co-commiserating.

There is a lot of truth in the notion of projecting a positive outlook and in turn receiving positivity back.

Please don’t think this has now changed to a spiritual or religious blog, quite the opposite.

The thinking here is the confirmation of the journey we are on. It is critical that you fight through the dark moments and project positive and glass-half-full attitude, especially when in public or with clients.

A trick is to pause, look in a mirror, and remind yourself of why you are doing what you doing and what it is you are going to achieve.

If you can’t see the end results, clean the mirror, don’t give up!


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