Take care of your biggest asset

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Have you ever noticed how in business or even sports – often success is dependent on one person?

It may be the Head of Sales or the Full Back on the Rugby team. Maybe its the lead programmer or main director on set.

The point is that one person can have a massive impact and even worse a knock-on effect of the well being of a lot of people.

People often do things or put services and solutions in place to make this person happy and feel special and rewarded etc etc.

They pamper them and make them feel special.

Have you ever stopped and thought about yourself in this same light?

Do you have a family and /or employees that are dependent on you?

Even if you don’t – your livelihood depends on you and what you do (or don’t do).

So why don’t you pamper yourself? How come you don’t treat yourself as the most important person in the company, heck, universe?

It’s important to start thinking of yourself as your most important asset and then putting things in place to make sure you stay that way.

If you can master this mindset you will see that things change (for the better) more often than not.


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