Don’t listen to your parents!

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Do you remember what your parents wanted you to be when you grew up?

A Lawyer? An Accountant? A Doctor?

There is nothing wrong with any of these jobs. The only thing that is wrong is that it may not be for you.

The other problem is that there are jobs today that were not around 20 years ago.

And in 20 years from now…. who knows what jobs will be around then?

The point of this is a bit broader than disobeying your parents – this is about not doing what others want you to do or be.

This is about being what you want to be and doing what you want to do.

I am going through this with my son at the moment – the age old fight of why he needs to learn Algebra and the French Revolution.

I’m not going to elaborate on my answers here – but I see that I am doing what my parents did and have to develop ways and answers on how to change it moving forward.

This is a societal problem – we want to continue to mold our children (and staff) into what we wanted to be or became.

Stop it!


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