Want a better you?

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I have bad news.

There is no such thing!

Sure, maybe you can lose some weight (or put some on). Upgrade your wardrobe? Get a haircut maybe?

This is not you – this is what the world “sees” you to look like.

There are some benefits – weight management is good for health and looking good maybe for self-esteem.

But its the inside you that is the most important.

Your brain and your behaviour – this is what will make you desirable.

No one hired a super-model to manage their hedge fund.
I have never seen a world leading CEO sit in a beauty salon and spa every day of the week.

Success is based on what you do not how you look doing it.

Don’t get me started on suits – let’s look at some of the top companies in the world.
When was the last time Tim Cook wore a suit?

I’m sure Elon doesn’t wake up in the morning and think about putting one on.

The point is you are the best you you can be.

Want to be better?

Define what that is first, not what the perception of a better you is.

Be you.

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