Do you know how to build a system?

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Business systems are usually the result of a reactive approach as opposed to a proactive one.

We only scramble to find systems when there is a problem or a solution is urgently required.

Imagine designing a system that would do what your company needs, efficiently and saves you time and money.

This is how you should build systems.

A system needs to be simple, clear and understood.

The problem with reactive systems is they are also normally installed or implemented to solve a current problem, they are not necessarily correct for all the business requirements and two things happen:

  1. No one uses them and 2. No one uses them.

Yip – think about all the “cool” software or solutions that you have implemented or have been implemented over the years.

Where you trained properly? Did you understand why they were implemented ? Do you understand the full capability of what they can do?
Do you still use them?

I already no the answer to the above, this is why I do what I do.

I help people chose systems and solutions based on what they want to do, will be doing and hope to do.

Note how these are future tasks not current.

I can help you if you are already in the sticky stuff and need help – but to avoid this, plan properly, identify the needs and implement before the requirement.

The last and as important point, is these are not set and forget! Systems, like businesses evolve – either grow or shrink but they do change. This is important to ensure that you stay on top of these changes and that the systems are still the correct ones for you and your business

Book a time with me and we can look at which of the over 80k different tools out there you could be using.


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