Mind the Gap!

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Our minds are incredibly powerful. Hell this whole blog started because I spent too much time in my own mind.

An experiment was conducted where old men were put in a room that was staged to look like the 1960’s.

They believed they had gone back 20 odd years.

Their hearing, appetite, mental state and even mobility got better.

There minds told them they can be and do as they could when they were in the 60’s; so they did.

Our minds are our greatest weapons but we need to make sure we are pulling the trigger not sitting in the cross hairs!

If you give up mentally you age and die. It’s that simple. We need to control our worlds and to do so we have to learn to control our minds.

This will be one of the hardest things you do, but if you can master it you will live better, love better, feel better and be better.

When you give up mentally everything else will give up too. Think about it. If you are walking and your feet are tired its your mind that makes you carry on to where you are going. The opposite is not true, if your brain is tired and gives up, chances are you will sit down and stop.

Don’t sit down and stop. Jump start the mind and go be young (mentally and physically).


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