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How much time do you spend on solving problems?

Use a little time to solve a small problem and you will get a small result.


You can solve a bigger problem and reap a bigger reward.

Build a cabinet in your garage and sell it at a market and make a small profit or you can start a cabinetry workshop and get 100’s of cabinets into the trade and make bigger profits.

Dream big, think big, solve big!

This is how the succesful people do it.

We all have the same amount of time in our days and the same capacity – how you choose to use this time and capacity is what makes the difference.

Everyone is scared and risk aware.

The problem for most of us is that we don’t do things that have a higher risk.

There is a great chance of failing but the upside of this risk should always outweigh the risks.

If you try 100 things and only 3 succeed – this is still success – so you have therefore not failed.

Adjust your attitude to a no-can-fail one and chances are; you won’t.


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