Do you make choices for good changes?

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We don’t realise how so many small things that we do each day add up to be, well, bad, over time.

If you go out with the boys twice a week it won’t be an issue but if you do it twice a week every week for 3 years… chances are your wife is not going to be happy.

Having one portion of crisy fried chicken each day won’t show up on your waistline until you do it every day for 3 years.

You see where I am going with this right? It is the small habits that we do each day that have a compounded effect over time.

The opposite is also true, doing small amounts of exercise everyday will have a positive effect on your body over time. Not drinking alcohol (or only a few drinks a week) will not affect your liver and kidneys etc etc.

So, choose good habits and stick to them. The same can be applied to everything in life, choose good people to hang with, make the right career choices, invest wisely and regularly and in the long term you will see the benefits.

We are in very challenging times in the world at the moment and so sometimes we use this as an excuse not to do things – here is a challenge – use it as a reason to do instead!


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