Want to know what trap to avoid?

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Just because someone does something well in the sporting world we expect them to be experts in all things business.

Equally, if they are captains of the industry does this automatically make them scratch golfers?

We tend to over-idolise people. We put these stars on pedestals and expect them to be perfect at everything.

This is a trap that marketers want you to fall for. They take a celebrity and tell you that he or she has invested in XYZ – this means you should too.

No – you shouldn’t! They are being celebrated or marketed based on who they are – the fans stop at that point and don’t question further.

If your favourite golfer’s marketing a golf club – chances are it is pretty good – but this does not hold true for investing in Crypto.

Do you get the point? Chose an expert in their field and then if you are going to use anything they say or do chances are it will be good. Don’t choose the advice of someone you idolise because you idolise them, it must only be because they are the best in their fields.

I have more than one mentor and person of influence. I have chosen them based on their specific and singular skill set.

Do the same. Read, consume, learn and then decide. Don’t even just go with the flow.


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