Curb the distractions

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Especially with work from home we are now faced with additional pressure and distractions.

Is your partner is working from home.

Are your kids doing online or virtual schooling at home?

So how do you stay productive and attentive?

If possible, depending on your home, dedicate a space that is for working and only for working (a study, spare room etc). I know this is not always possible but that is the first prize.

If this is not possible and when lockdowns are over, if the distractions are in your home for other reasons – then go to a coffee shop or a library – find a shared workspace.

This is what I generally do.

But let’s say that you don’t have a spare room or space – then you need to invest in a good and comfortable ANC (Active Noise Canceling) headset

Budgets are also a consideration so here is a choice of two: Sennheiser at the top end and Jlab the affordable end (and if you look around the mall you will find even more).

This is what I do – I own a really good pair of noise canceling and let everyone know I can’t hear them so it’s futile to call me.

Does not stop the tapping on the shoulder or Whatsapp/SMS – yes they are that sneaky but thankfully I can turn those off too!

The point though is most of the distraction is removed and I can put on some good, focusing, music and get down to the tasks ahead.

Tune out to tune in.


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