Want to know where to invest your money?

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No – this is not a new investment blog. This is still the same sound advice with honest and reliable info.

The answer is “Where your mouth is!”

How many of you have had clients question your prices? How many clients have been hesitant in moving forward with you because the perceived value doesn’t match the quoted price?

If this hasn’t happened to you – you are clearly under-charging or even worse, not valuing the importance of what you do!

So, where should you put your money? In the client’s hand.

Tell them you will remove the risk and deliver the world-class service or product that you are offering and that if they are not blown away they don’t have to pay you a cent!

What? Have you gone mad Brett?

Not at all – you are investing in yourself and your business.

You are putting your money where your mouth is.

You see – if you truly do deliver the brilliant service or products that you think you do then your clients will think so too and happily pay you what you have asked for.

This is not about being risky or foolish – this is about showing your clients that you will invest in the relationship and that they will get everything and more that you said you will deliver.

I have used this tactic a few times in my career and I made more money from the client than originally quoted. I either received more on the initial project or I got the more valuable and desired repeat as well as referral work.

So invest in yourself, back yourself and most important of all, deliver!


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