Do you like lemonade?

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When life gives you lemons… send them back unless you like lemonade.

So I won’t lie – it’s been a difficult few days for me and as someone that is always glass half full, when the downers come and they do, it probably affects me more than most.

So how do you get through it?

Talk about it. Thats the first step as this means you have acknowledged there is a challenge and can start to find or postulate a solution.

Too many of us bottle up our feelings (see the lemonade reference there?)

Once the situation is clear, push through it.

To quit means you don’t respect yourself.

You don’t respect those around you and you won’t achieve that which you seek.

If you can acknowledge the current situation needs to be changed and then find the solution you will get through.

I mentioned respect. This is critical when it comes to pushing through challenges. You have to believe in yourself and the process. You have to know you are better than what is currently bearing down on you and that because of who you are and what you stand for you will come out the other side.

There is always someone to talk too and if there isn’t (which i can’t believe), get yourself a life-coach. It is not a bad idea to have a life-coach as even when things are good, they will be able to ensure you stay up there riding the wave pf positivity.

So take care of yourself, dig your heels in deep and squeeze (sorry had to find one more lemonade reference) through the pressure and back to the land of positivity.


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