Five stars are not just for reviews

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Image: Golf Operator Magazine

In business we strive for 5 star reviews.

Let’s be honest – it does work, people looking for services or solutions are going to do business with someone with 5 stars instead of 1!

Why don’t we apply this to our personal lives?

We should strive to be 5 star humans too.

This doesn’t mean we need to get a publicist and become famous. It’s actually the opposite.

This would be a non-visible 5 star review – this would be the way people see us.

I have recently had a chat with a client talking about a new person that joined his team and the words I used to describe him was “Stand up guy”.

This is a 5 star review – but he doesn’t know it.

The point I am making is if we are better people because we try to be, eventually it will become natural and we can hopefully all become 5 star people.


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